We’ve had the immense pleasure of working with a number of brilliant, committed folks on their summits, symposiums, and conferences.


Here’s a small sample of the work we’ve done. 

As of June 2020, Radical Summits has produced three online events that exceeded all expectations. All three summits were deeply guided by justice, liberation, and accessibility. Each featured a diverse collection of speakers across several industries offering perspectives on how we can change the world, heal each other, and dream into new futures. 


Two of the summits offered community fundraising, scholarships to poor and disenfranchised participants, and sliding scale pricing which helped support over 4,000 participants who needed financial support.


Here’s a quick snapshot of our first five months:







affiliate earnings


clients rebooked

A few of our past (and current) clients

Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference 2018, 2019, & 2020

Sometimes, partnership become about so much more than the event itself. Working with solopreneur Dr. Barb O’Neill on this inclusive and eye-opening conference about racism, implicit bias, trauma, and emotional intelligence in early childhood education has been a dream.


We are so proud of what she continues to create & we are excited to be planning our 4th year supporting her work.


2020 Attendees: 80,000 (WOW!)

2019 Attendees: 24,000
2018 Attendees: 7,900

"Working with Dawn Serra and her team at Radical Summits has been truly a dream come true. I was able to quadruple the size of my email list, bring in $77,000 in revenue and catapult my business from being 100% fee-for-service (trading time for money) to over 50% online revenue in 2018.


Dawn’s confidence in me, her week-to-week hand-holding, and her systems, templates and skillful coaching in helping me vision my event made this possible. I felt immediately aligned with Radical Summits philosophically since we shared a commitment to social justice and our values felt aligned. On top of all that I had the time of my life! Our collaboration was full of laughter and joy…even when we were scrambling to get things done and in a crunch.


GRAB the opportunity to work with Dawn and her team, if you can. Your life and the lives of those you reach through your summit will be forever transformed."

Barb O'Neill, PhD, Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference

Just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how much I appreciate your organization and communication for Belonging at Work. Nkem has participated in a few different online conferences & summits, and I want you to know that yours has been, by far, the most organized and responsive. Having all the sharing assets in one place, giving regular updates, being quick to respond to questions... it's really made things easier for me and I totally appreciate it during what has been a really overwhelming time!


Assistant to a Belonging at Work Summit Speaker

It’s Day 1 of the Summit and I have barely scratched the surface, but I feel compelled to say thank you for sharing access to this incredible group of speakers and for consistently doing this challenging and often under-appreciated work. I am so inspired as I consider how different I will be next week in my thinking, in how I hold space for others, and how I understand myself, and where this education and the resources provided might play a role in my future.

I am open, curious and eager to listen, learn and do the work.

You have put together an awesome program and are so impressive in the way you hold space and content delivery.


Belonging at Work Summit 2020 participant

Before the summit I felt that, while important, this work was becoming more overwhelming because the culture we currently live in is less than ideal and seems to be moving even further in the wrong direction every day. After hearing the great work that's being done in so many ways, by so many passionate, courageous, brilliant people.... well, I feel like a things can be changed and that while I can't fix it all, my efforts do matter.


Belonging at Work Summit 2019 participant

Explore More Summit

This is where it all began. In 2015, our founder and CEO, Dawn Serra, decided to launch her own summit after seeing dozens of summits go horribly wrong. She wanted a place to build deep conversations, to foster intimacy, and to center marginalized voices as much as possible. The sixth Explore More Summit unfolded April 2020. Check out the current summit page and previous summits by clicking the button.


Attendees: up 225% in 2020

Sex, Power, and Leadership Conference

Author and sexual empowerment coach, Amy Jo Goddard, created a truly incredible series of individual and group discussions in her online conference about #MeToo, sexual freedom, empowerment, midwifery, and body autonomy. Some of these conversations were truly paradigm-shifting.


Attendees: 3,500
Sales: $15,000+
Speakers: 40+

Healing Solidarity Conference

This conference was a perfect example of what’s possible with a very narrow focus and specific niche. Mary Ann Clements created a series of radical conversations exposing the harms and trauma of international aid, offered alternative models of aid centering the voices of those from the impacted countries, and invited a new focus on self-care and human connection for organizations to consider moving forward. Mary Ann created a thriving Facebook community and received a number of financial donations from attendees for the work she created.

Additional events we’ve consulted on or produced include:

The Play First Summit

Summit veteran Sally Haughey and summit partner Teacher Tom were looking for support on launching their first free-to-attend online summit with just 2 months from idea to launch. The week before their summit launched, they were at 50K attendees and already had their eye on planning 2021.

ConvergeCon 2020

When COVID-19 struck, Converge Con’s 2-day in-person conference in Vancouver BC looked like it might have to cancel. Organizers reached out to us and we quickly created a solution that would allow the conference to continue online, connecting speakers and attendees in real-time from the comfort of their homes.

Soar to Success Summit 2018, 2019, and 2020

We produced Soar to Success Summit's early childhood summer conference three-years running. Year 1 brought in a quarter of a million in sales, and Year 3 featured a transition towards a new theme appropriate for a changing COVID-impacted world.

Sex+ Summit

Initially planned to be an exclusive in-person conference in Los Angeles, the conference organizers reached out for support in bringing their sex education, self-care, and healing event into an online space.

PolyDallas Millenium

True Freedom Symposium

Second City veteran and best selling author, Sam Bennett, hired us to produce her True Freedom Symposium featuring an array of entrepreneurial and creative voices (including actor Ed O'Neill!) on the importance of following your dreams and how to find success as an entrepreneur.

Permission Granted Speaker Series by Naomi Hattaway

We Are the Culture Makers Symposium by Kelly Diels

Spiritual Badass Revolution by Shereen Sun

Insomnia Conference by Dr. Anna Young

diy Summit Creation Course

Using our unique values-based, relationship-driven framework, join us for this six-month experiential online course that will take you from idea to creation to launch and beyond.


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