Meet the Team

We are collectively committed to helping you create an event that nurtures and highlights your values, fosters real community and conversations, and draws in those who most need your message. We believe in social justice, liberation, accessibility, and pleasure.


We are inspired by the likes of adrienne maree brown, Audre Lorde, Cristien Storm, Dana Sturdevant, Hilary Kinavey, Melissa Toler, Roxane Gay, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Jes Baker, Virgie Tovar, Sonalee Rashatwar, Chani Nicholas, Desiree Adaway, Ericka Hines, Monica Raye Simpson, Andréa Ranae Johnson, Pamela Slim, Staci Haines, Mia Mingus, and many, many other activists, thought-leaders, artists, and visionaries.


So who are we? Keep reading to find out.

Dawn Serra

CEO, Founder, Chief Visionary & Strategist

Favorite ways to play:

Swimming, frisbee, reading, board games, cooking, dreaming big, gardening, spontaneous games, secret handshakes, video games.

Currently thinking a lot about:

Healing, pleasure, collectivism, community, transformative justice, disability justice, accountability, somatic practices, visionary fiction, food, rituals of resilience, and deepening meaningful friendships.

Favorite part of online event planning:

Visioning, strategic planning, and dreaming new possibilities.

Alex Chan

Chief Visual Officer, Designer, Video Editor

Favorite ways to play:

Swimming, pillow fights, reading books by BIPOC authors, hiking in British Columbia, yoga.

Favorite part of online event planning:

Learning from our clients' speakers and talking about all of the new ideas and a-has with Dawn, making elaborate lists and spreadsheets (Virgo) to analyze stats.

Mariah Factura

Assistant Extraordinaire, Behind-the-Scenes Wizard

Favorite ways to play:

Art/drawing, being a goofball, having wow-gasms while listening/working on Dawn’s podcast (no lie), cuddling with the cat, taking care of myself in all sorts of ways.

Currently thinking a lot about:

Healing, being in deep connection with myself and others, and my relationship with food.

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Using our unique values-based, relationship-driven framework, join us for this six-month experiential online course that will take you from idea to creation to launch and beyond.


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