Ethical Statement

This work is important, perhaps even crucial. Every single day, we commit to doing better in our work - both for ourselves and those we impact. As a result, we acknowledge that this ethical statement is a living document that will continually change as our work and experience deepen.


Within the scope of our business, we wholeheartedly believe in the wisdom of each person’s body, stories, and experiences. Our work is informed by anti-racism, disability justice, queer theory, anti-capitalism, fat activism, and the work of abolitionists and transformative justice.


Our guiding principles are curiosity, exploration, compassion, and social impact. We fundamentally believe that navigating systems of oppression and surviving inside of capitalism require flexibility, sustainable action, imperfect action, community, and doing business differently.


We wholly reject the tenets of hyper individualism in the work that we do. This means our work and our beliefs center the power and the importance of relationship as a guiding principle of business and the events we create and produce. We recognize and honor the very real impacts of racism, weight stigma and fat hatred, transphobia, ageism, sexism, misogyny, classism, colonialism, and much more on each and every person we encounter in our practice.


We know that no one is born understanding the complexity of systemic oppression, and that no one can be an expert in all of the ways oppression manifests. We commit to helping people have an impact in the spaces they understand and the communities they know.


We commit to making our work as accessible as possible, from one-on-one work to small group work, online courses and webinars, articles, blogs, and social media. 


We acknowledge that we live and work on unceded territory of the Coast Salish – specifically the Musqueam, Tslei-Watuth, and Squamish – peoples. We continually grapple with what it means to be uninvited guests, settlers who continue to benefit from the violence against Indigenous people, and we are grateful every single day that we get to remain here and partake in these resources and spaces. We take that gift seriously.


We also acknowledge that we continually benefit from the unearned privilege afforded to us - as co-founders one of us benefits from white privilege and the other from being a light-skinned person of color. We are both cis and middle class. One of us is disabled and the other able-bodied. Much of our work both personally and professionally is in challenging ourselves to confront these realities and to contribute to a paradigm shift so that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, body size, age, class, sexual orientation, and immigration status can experience liberation from oppression.

We know the importance of aligning with our values and we create from there.

To quote #Asians4BlackLives's principles and protocols:

"We don't have it all figured out, but we are committed to taking a stand, and learning as we go. We will not wait to be perfect, because we believe the time is now and we would rather be held accountable for our mistakes than forgiven our inaction."

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