DIY Summit

Creation Course

Teaching you how to create, plan, & launch a summit that grows your community without compromising on your commitment to social change.


Your vision, your values, greater impact and growth? A radical approach to online events awaits.


The DIY Summit Creation Course will show you how to plan, create, market, & launch your online event in a way that sustainably grows your business while centering the impact your event will have on your community & those you serve.

This six-month experience includes:

DIY Summit

Creation Course

($9500 value)

  • 18 Modules + 6 Implementation Weeks delivered over 6 months, walking you through everything you need to launch your online event.
  • Key milestone tracker, detailed launch checklists, how-to videos, sample email nurture sequences, product pricing guides, and swipe copy to keep you on track, organized, and confident in what you're dreaming.
  • Live weekly 90-minute mastermind calls (the heart & soul of this course) with course creator and CEO of Radical Summits, Dawn Serra, designed to help you get unstuck, level up in business, and to feel less alone in the work.
  • Rotating collaboration groups offering you intimate support with your peers throughout the 6 month experience so you never feel alone.
  • A library of resources to aid in your understanding and growth around key issues like racial justice, disability justice, body liberation, and capitalism. 
  • Private one-on-one consultation hour with course creator, Dawn Serra, to use at any time during the six months for personalized support.

Community calls will be recorded and live captioned for accessibility. All videos within the course are closed-captioned.

A crucial part of the course is relationship building with other participants - your collective wisdom will take you to unexpected and creative places.

Plus, you'll receive these helpful bonuses...

  • Bonus 1: Repurpose Your Content For Maximum Value. If you're going to spend the next six months creating this exquisite event, you'll want to find new ways to take that content and serve your business long into the future. 
  • Bonus 2: A Guide to Event Sponsors. Thinking of offsetting costs by bringing on event sponsors? This mini-training will walk you through creating a compelling sponsor package, outreach, and ways to price & feature sponsors at your event. 
  • Bonus 3: Values and Vision Clarity Pre-Course Module. Enroll before October 23rd to qualify for this pre-course module that will help you get ultra-clear on your values and your vision for a better world. Great for generating social media content, web copy, & for your online event. 


Your enrollment includes lifetime access to the course.

Yep. As long as the course exists, you'll pay once and get lifetime access. Which means when we run the course again next year, you can join us for free. And the year after that. And the year after that...

"Dawn Serra's DIY Summit Creation Course is hands down one of the most comprehensive and deliciously supportive programs I have taken over the last ten years.


She has truly thought of every single thing you need to pull off an ethical, accessible, and gorgeously put-together online event of any size -- plus she's designed this course to support you in getting there by taking small, approachable steps towards the summit of your dreams. SWOON. I couldn't recommend this course enough for any entrepreneur."

Mara Glatzel

Redefining self-care & Reclaiming sovereignty

DIY Summit Creation Course Alumni, 2020 Cohort

When you finish this course, you'll have:

  • Mapped out simple, implementable plans that you can re-create again and again that take you from idea to creation to launch.
  • Connected with people you deeply admire and recorded powerful, impactful conversations for your event.
  • Published beautiful, high-converting webpages that don't rely on manipulation, coercion, or false promises.
  • Fostered values-based community that engages in meaningful dialog and social change.
  • Posted on social media in new ways that will increase your visibility and impact.
  • Explored opportunities for sponsorship, organizational investment, and promotion.
  • Avoided many of the common (& harmful) mistakes most entrepreneurs and businesses make when creating an online summit.
  • Created a more just, community-oriented event that invites real social change.
  • Invested in a framework of long-term, sustainable growth for your business with endless potential for evergreen profits.
  • Learned how to show your humanity and cultivate connection without ever needing to claim you're the expert.

Plus, you'll walk away knowing a SINGLE pivotally effective question to ask yourself that will guide every decision you make when creating an online event to keep you aligned with your values and your vision.


And all with an uncompromising commitment to accessibility, accountability, justice, and dreaming in liberation.

We made this for you....

A course. A community. A way forward.

Online summits and conferences are more than a way to grow your list or make a buck. They’re potent opportunities for radical change & collective healing.

Course Roadmap

Each month features three weekly modules broken into smaller lessons followed by an implementation week. Plus, live weekly mastermind calls to help you reconnect with yourself, overcome stuck places, and where you can ask questions and be in conversation with the community.

  • Month 1: Vision
    You'll clarify your vision, dream potential speakers, iron out key logistics & milestones, & finalize your marketing strategy.
  • Month 2: Planning & Outreach
    With your crystal clear vision, you'll begin outreach to your speakers & affiliates, solidify your products & offerings, set your prices, & begin recording/prepping interviews.
  • Month 3: Writing
    You'll write compelling webpage copy, draft engaging email sequences, conduct a social media audit, begin building your landing pages, & craft a collection of promotional assets to help you spread the word. 
  • Month 4: Creation
    From editing videos to creating your final products, you'll be creating assets & preparing to open your doors. 
  • Month 5: Promotion

    It's time to tell the world what you've been up to! These crucial weeks will be all about promoting your event, running ads, getting people excited, putting the finishing touches on your event, and...

  • ​Month 6: Launching (& Beyond)

    With your launch checklist in hand, your event will happen, you'll deliver your product, wow your attendees and speakers, and create a post-event plan that will keep the right people (& revenue) coming back for more.

You'll also be learning from...

As part of the DIY Summit Creation Course, you will also have the opportunity to participate in private workshops & trainings on everything from anti-racism to Facebook & Instagram ad basics to liberation and accessibility.

Our phenomenal guest speakers include:

Bunny McKensie Mack

Pronouns: they/them

Workshop: Building Anti-Racism into Our Events

Isabel Abbott

Pronouns: they/them

Workshop: Accessibility in Online Spaces & Centering People's Lived Experiences in Our Events

Jules Taggart

Pronouns: she/her

Workshop: Values-Aligned Marketing & Facebook Ads with Wayward Kind

"I'd been tossing around the idea of doing a summit for probably the last seven years. I didn't have the confidence to take that next step. It's frightening investing in a new course or program, but I really loved Dawn's messaging. Her personality, her warmth, the focus she has on being inclusive and encouraging, supporting diversity. It's really made what I'm creating so much richer and so much more diverse.


Dawn deeply cares for the people that she works with. That care shows in lots of different ways throughout the course. She's a cheerleader for you. She wants to support you and she's excited about the things that you're doing. At the same time, she has this really deep knowledge and experience that can actually help you move forward.


If I hadn't taken this course, I think I'd still be floundering, wondering where to start. And my event certainly wouldn't be as far along or as rich and diverse and inclusive as it's going to be. Plus, the weekly calls were a really important part of the accountability and feeling less alone."

Tania Moloney

Nurture in Nature Campference: Where Nature Meets Story​

DIY Summit Creation Course Alumni, 2020 Cohort

We offer a


Money Back Guarantee

Creating a summit takes commitment - commitment to your values, to your vision, and to your community. DIY Summit Creation Course is a powerful and transformative implementation program for entrepreneurs and creatives who, even if it's scary or daunting, are ready to put in the work, to learn, to stretch, and to grow.


The first two weeks of the DIY Summit Creation Course are all about clarifying your vision and planning how the following 6-months will unfold.


If, after those two weeks, you aren't confident in your summit vision, let us know. We'll ask you to demonstrate that you've put in the work, and we'll issue a refund. Full details here.

How we create & launch is more important than what we create and launch.

I'm so excited to meet you!

In 2014, I was asking myself a big, scary question. Probably the same question you're asking yourself now: Can I actually create an online summit that's values-aligned and offers depth & transformation? Can I do this?


I'd attended & spoken at dozens of telesummits and online conferences. Time and time again, I found that while the vehicle of an online summit and conference had so much potential, almost all of them were missing the mark in some pretty important ways - I left feeling frustrated, empty, and disillusioned.


I wanted to do something different. But I was terrified! I let my fear hold me back for 18 months before I finally started making it happen. And then my life changed.


When I started helping others with their online summits and conferences, I watched their lives change - sometimes in drastic ways - and I marveled at what is possible with this approach. 


My hope is with this course, you won't have to wait 18 months before you feel like you can bring your idea to life.


You are at a crossroads. One I know well. But if there's one thing I've learned in working with visionaries and leaders from so many diverse industries, it's this: the world needs your unique perspective and to hear the voices of those you admire. Creating your online summit, symposium, or conference can be fun, rewarding, connecting, and serve you for years to come. I want to show you how.


These next six months will be full of big questions, imperfect action, play, curiosity, dreaming, creation, and will culminate in your vision coming to life. 


I can't wait to support you, and to learn from you and alongside you as we go through this course together.


With admiration and excitement,

Dawn Serra

Accessibility Information

At Radical Summits, we take accessibility seriously. All live calls have live captioning, image descriptions are used everywhere we can, closed captions are on all videos within the course and come with transcripts, and we are taking additional measures where we can to increase accessibility and support all kinds of learners & abilities.

2020 Cohort Alumni

Be Bold Summit

Kelly shares: "When I came across the idea of a summit, it just fit. My colleague mentioned Dawn and said, 'If you're going to do a summit program, do Dawn's program. She does all this accessibility stuff and is focused on anti-oppression.'

I was working with another business coach at the time, and I was getting to a place where the marketing and sales method from that business coach wasn't totally aligned with what we valued anymore. I realized I needed to find people to guide me who are values-aligned because otherwise I'm paying them to tell me to do things I'm not comfortable with. Dawn filled exactly what I was missing in my other programs. She has integrity. What she says on the website is what she does.

The best part about this course is the access you get to Dawn. You can feel her sincerity. She's authentic, she's experienced, she doesn't just say that she cares about anti-oppression work. You can tell she practices what she preaches and it's apparent very quickly. You get to ask her a lot of questions as you're growing that are unique to what you're doing at that moment, which was so helpful in this process. I also hope more people realize how invaluable the community aspect of this course is - it's huge."

Hosted by Kelly Smyth-Dent of Scaling Up, the Be Bold Summit emerged out of the 2020 Cohort as a 2-week online event focused on decolonizing mental health & humanitarian efforts. Check out the summit promo video they made during the course!

A crucial part of planning your online event is feeling less alone in the process & having a clear vision for where you're going. We can help you with both.

What Others are Saying...

"Working with Dawn Serra and her team at Radical Summits has truly been a dream come true. 


Dawn’s systems, templates, and skillful coaching in helping me vision my event made this possible. 


I felt immediately aligned with Radical Summits philosophically since we shared a commitment to social justice and our values felt aligned. On top of all that I had the time of my life! 


GRAB the opportunity to work with Dawn and her team, if you can. Your life and the lives of those you reach through your summit will be forever transformed."

Dr. Barb O'Neill,

Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference

I've been wanting to build a community and I figured a summit might be a good way to do that because as much as I love in-person events, they're very limiting in a lot of ways. I also noticed that people who were doing online summits were able to build large communities, it really brings people together.


In general, I don't usually follow white women or attend white women's webinars, but Dawn's course seemed like an environment where I wouldn't have to explain inequities or why safe spaces are important.


The most valuable part of the DIY Summit Creation course was having the weekly calls and being able to ask questions. It's very helpful. Dawn is very thorough in answering questions and she knows a lot about online conferences.

Je Amaechi,

Founder, Ilera Market
DIY Summit Creation Course Alumni, 2020 Cohort

We do not even want to think about what our first experience hosting an online summit would have been like without the guidance and support from Dawn, Alex and the team at Radical Summits.


With their depth of experience and wealth of knowledge, we were able to create The Body Trust Summit with relative ease and we had 7000+ people attend. The planning process that Radical Summits has created is so well tested and is spacious enough for your offering to feel creative and authentic to your work. You are in excellent hands with these folks by your side.

Dana Sturtevant & Hilary Kinavey,

Founders of Be Nourished

Body Trust® Summit

This process is incredible. I’ve seen people doing a similar model to you, but they suffer from not having the back end support, values, and organization.


An important part of creating a summit is having someone you’re accountable to. There’s such a massive wealth of knowledge that Dawn & team have to offer.


Basically, I want them to know you’re amazing.

Mary Ann Clements,

Healing Solidarity Conference

Persuasion, manipulation, and scarcity have no place in our online summits & courses.

This course will give you so much more than tools for launching your online event.

Unlike many online business courses, the DIY Summit Creation Course isn't only about teaching you how to create a summit so that you can grow your list and make some money (though this course will set you on a path to do both for a long, long time). 


This course is about doing business differently. It's about finding new ways to connect with the people who are hungry for your perspective. It's about showing your humanity and cultivating communities where your imperfections can be held with care. 


Not only do you get the checklists, the framework, the guidance, and the tools you need to launch your online event in a way that is sustainable for your body and your mind, but you'll also be in relationship with others who want to be doing business in a way that's is nourishing, healing, and who are invested in divesting from oppressive practices and systems.


We also offer equity pricing. Details are in the Costs & Financial Aid section of the FAQs that will be available once doors open.

Business can be a healing process when we dare to ask different questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A few additional questions that might help you decide...

Course Overview

How do I create an online summit?

When does the course begin?

Who is the DIY Summit Creation Course for?

Who is NOT a good fit for this course?

I've been dreaming of creating an online summit/conference, but it's overwhelming. What if I can't do this?

What's NOT covered by the course?

When is each week's lesson released?

When do the weekly mastermind calls happen?

Can I see one of your summits to get an idea of what you do?

How often is DIY Summit Creation Course run?

At this time, the course is run once per year. 

What does 'lifetime access' mean?

Costs and Financial Aid

Are there additional costs? Will I need to invest in new software?

The beautiful thing about online events - whether you're dreaming of a summit, conference, symposium, speaker series, webinar series, or something else - is that you can customize them to fit your needs, dreams, and constraints.

From the smallest event to the largest, there are countless ways of creating and delivering online content these days.

Some people will want to spend as little as possible to make their event a reality - there are many free and low-cost options for pulling it all together.


Others will decide they want to upgrade certain technology solutions in order to craft something powerful. 

So, the answer is - maybe. It's really up to you.


There are certain software solutions we recommend because they make your life easier or because they significantly improve the user experience (which can translate to profits and customer loyalty), but it's not a requirement or expected by any means.

The beauty of our approach is that we share our wealth of knowledge with you, offer guidance and support, and then you get to bring it to life on your terms.

This is a lot of money for me. Should I take the leap?

Do you offer financial aid?

I'd like to donate to the community equity funds. How do I do that?

Extra Bits and Bobs

How is your framework different from other people who teach how to create online summits?

Sadly, online summits have long had a bad reputation as being manipulative sales pitches featuring the same cast of characters (mostly white, thin, cis folks) paying speakers in "exposure" and delivering content that serves to reinforce the status quo - positioning certain folks as those with the answers and everyone else as wanting those answers.


It's common for hosts to demand their guests have a minimum list size (and if they don't meet the requirement, to then ask for more labor); to pay in 'exposure'; to launch without any measures taken for accessibility; and to center themselves as an 'expert' with little regard for community wisdom.

Our approach has been developed and refined over several years through producing and consulting on many kinds of online events in a variety of industries, always with an interest in delivering an experience of deep meaning and connection. We take an approach that recognizes the wisdom in those who speak and those who attend, that pays people for their time and labor, and that encourages creativity and centers community care and access.

In other words, instead of centering the host and their business growth and profits, our approach is about facilitating transformative experiences that serve your business and your vision over the long-term.

Do you have an affiliate program for DIY Summit Creation Course?

What exactly are your values?

What if I still have questions?

Consumer Testimonials. As with any business-related program, your results using DIY Summit Creation Course may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business experience & resources, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a variety of other factors. Since these factors are unique to each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. DIY Summit Creation Course requires consistent time, effort, dedication, and adjustment paired with an understanding of your unique audience & industry. We believe that we provide you with a fantastic set of tools and support to help you achieve your desired result, and these particular clients agree.