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Radical Business Summit

Join us for this free online event featuring three days of conversations about business & social justice. For entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, and creatives who are ready to do things differently.


September 28-30, 2021

Collection of headshots for the speakers at the Radical Business Summit

Creating ethical, profitable online events is possible. It’s what we do.

We grow in community.


We know that hosting an online event can be about bringing people together, sharing ideas, and creating an experience that is both accessible and nourishing for the audience you most want to reach.


And lucky for you, we have a new way forward…

Innovative voices: amplified

For too long, the world of online events has been dominated by manipulative tactics, zero diversity & equity, and empty promises.


Here at Radical Summits, we are ushering in a new vision of deep service and commitment to social change.


Our singular goal is to help make the voices and the vision you hold a reality.

Our values drive our business.

Our core values include play, nourishment, sustainability, social justice, and an uncompromising commitment to midwifing your event. We are very selective about the clients we work with – values matter that much to us.


We laugh. We dream big. We trust the wisdom of those around us.


And we produce results.

Our Services Include

Done-for-you event production

A fun-filled, VIP experience. It’s like having a suite of experts temporarily join your team. You invite the speakers, conduct the interviews, and we handle nearly all the rest. Inclusion rider: mandatory.

d.i.y. Summit Creation Course

Our 6-month course takes you from idea to creation to launch - all while staying values-based & relationship drive. Budget friendly and bursting with information to serve every area of your business, not just your event. WAITLIST NOW OPEN.

Strategic consulting

Expert guidance, motivation, accountability, cheerleading, celebration, and practical solutions to your most stuck problems along the way.

Video production services

From custom event trailers and video intro/outros (perfect for events and YouTube channels) to custom name animation on event talks & beyond, in-house video design and production helps your event look sleek and polished. Perfect for attracting sponsors.

What do you wish people thinking about creating an online event knew?

"Oh, that you’re amazing. Because I see people do stuff without what you do, and it’s just not as good. I’ve even seen people doing online summits, but they suffer from not having the back end support and organization and values you do. You know exactly what you’re doing, which I could never have done on my own. You’ve thought about all these things before. There’s a massive wealth of knowledge that you have. Basically I want them to know you’re amazing. That’s the main thing I’d say: hire you!"

Mary Ann Clements, Client

Healing Solidarity Conference


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diy Summit Creation Course

Using our unique values-based, relationship-driven framework, join us for this six-month experiential online course that will take you from idea to creation to launch and beyond.


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